Silicon Photonics Detection Chips


With the modern emphasis on environmental safety and health, detection and perception have become fundamental and crucial factors. Taiwan Nano & Micro-Photonics adopts silicon CMOS technology to develop silicon photonics sensing chips, pioneering the ability to detect visible light, near-infrared light, and extend to the long-wave infrared light spectrum (0.4~12um). This optical approach is applicable to various detection technologies such as health indicators, food safety, environmental monitoring, and automotive applications.


Advantages of Silicon Photonic Detection Chips

  • Taiwan Nano & Micro-Photonics adopts disruptive silicon photonics innovation technology capable of detecting wavelengths covering visible light, near-infrared light, and extending to mid-to-far infrared light.
  • Compared to other mid-to-far infrared detectors, Taiwan Nano & Micro-Photonics silicon photonics detection chip, with its silicon-based design, offers excellent price competitiveness, single-chip multifunctionality, and highly flexible packaging possibility.
  • Taiwan Nano & Micro-Photonics pioneers silicon photonics detectors that can integrate multiple detection functions (such as heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.) on a single chip. Subsequent capabilities may include detecting blood glucose, alcohol levels, and more.

Product Specifications

ImageProduct nameDetecting wavelengthSensitivityDetection of areaDrive voltagePackage type
NMDF1001450-2800 nm35-650 mA/W1.5mm X 3mm1VTO-39, QFN(2mm X 4mm)
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