Silicon Photonic Light Emission Chips


 Currently, gas detection technologies are mostly based on electrochemical and semiconductor adsorption types. However, these technologies face limitations such as high costs, short lifespans, and restrictions related to material types, which consequently restrict their applications in various fields.

In comparison, optical gas detectors have distinctive features in terms of cost, lifespan, and detection diversity. Leveraging Taiwan Nano & Micro-Photonics' exclusive technology, they pioneered the generation of specific mid-to-long-wave infrared light (MWIR~LWIR) based on silicon photonics technology to detect the target gases. This approach is designed to achieve specific gas detection goals, and the technology can also be applied to the detection of certain liquids or solids.

This light emission chip features a wide operating range of temperature, high precision, high sensitivity, low power consumption, and high-power light output. It is suitable for various application environments, including home environments, physiological indicators, industrial gas detection, and automotive detection.


Silicon Photonic Light Emission Chip Features

  • Specifiable emission wavelength(3~12μm)

  • Low power consumption

  • High accuracy

  • High sensitivity

  • Withstand high temperature environments

  • Continuous wave

  • High photoelectric conversion efficiency

  • Integrate multiple wavelengths onto a monolithic chip

Advantages of Silicon Photonics Light Emission Chips

  • High accuracy in gas measurement: No need for a separate back-end AI platform, addressing the issue of distortion in judgment using crowded near-infrared spectroscopy.

  • Miniaturization: Our company's silicon photonics light source chip module is easy to integrate with electronics IC, simplifying the system.

  • Monolithic-chip multifunctionality: Our company can provide a monolithic chip with multi-wavelength functionality.

  • Cost-competitive: Not constrained by epitaxial equipment, production technology, and raw materials. In addition to high quality, the fast production process results in costs significantly lower than compound semiconductors.


Product Specifications

ImageProduct namePeak emission wavelength (typ.)Spectral half-width (typ.)Radiant flux (typ.)Forward voltage (typ.)Package Type
NME5800A5.8 μm1 μm2.9 mW3 VTO
NME6100A6.1 μm1μm3.5 mW3 VTO
NME7000A7.0 μm1 μm3.5 mW3 VTO
NME7400A7.4 μm1 μm3.5 mW3 VTO
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