Physiological Signs MarketPhysiological Signs Market

Market Introduction

Indicators and signs related to human health and physiological functions can reflect physiological traits, such as heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate, and blood glucose. These physiological indicators hold significant importance in the medical and health fields, serving purposes such as monitoring bodily conditions and diagnosing diseases.

Portable real-time health diagnostic services come with several advantages, such as reducing testing time and lowering examination costs. They can provide immediate diagnostic and testing services, thus offering patients high-quality and rapid health assessments. The key to the design of real-time health monitoring devices lies in the miniaturization and precision of the detection chips, allowing for a continuous reduction in device costs and the incorporation of additional features, such as cloud connectivity.

Taiwan Nano & Micro-Photonics utilizes silicon photonics sensing technology to develop optical sensing modules, integrating light emission chips and detection chips. This technology provides high sensitivity and the capability to measure multiple physiological indicators, making it suitable for the development of real-time health diagnostic systems.


Application Markets

Smart Health Monitoring
Physiological Diagnosis


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