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Market Introduction

The home detection market refers to products and solutions developed to meet monitoring and detection needs in aspects such as safety, health, and convenience within a household environment. Examples include monitoring and detection solutions for food spoilage, pesticide residuals, water quality, formaldehyde, gas leaks (such as methane), incomplete gas combustion in water heaters, air quality, and smart home integration.

Taiwan Nano & Micro-Photonics offers non-contact mid-to-long-wave infrared light sensing technology, providing diverse solutions for home environment detection. This encompasses various application areas, including indoor gas detection, temperature sensors, water quality monitoring, and detection of gases associated with food spoilage.

Application Markets

Multi-spectral Optical Sensing
Food Spoilage、
Indoor Gas Detection、
Temperature Sensor、
Gas Detection、Water 
Quality Monitoring、
Multi-spectral Optical 
Sensing for Environmental 
Light Characterization


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