Environmental Testing MarketEnvironmental Testing Market

Market Introduction

Environmental detection refers to the application of technologies and solutions for monitoring and assessing various parameters and pollutants in the natural environment. Detected parameters may include air quality, water quality, soil pollution, noise levels, temperature, and humidity, among others.

Current environmental detection products on the market, such as adsorption-based sensors, require the removal of the previous gas before each sensing operation to ensure accuracy for the current measurement. Additionally, electrochemical sensors need direct contact with the target gas and come with the disadvantage of a limited lifespan.

Taiwan Nano & Micro-Photonics offers non- contact mid-to-long-wave infrared light detection technology, providing immediate detection, high precision, long lifespan, and a single-chip sensing module capable of detecting multiple gases.

Application Markets

FormaldehydeGas LeakageIncomplete Combustion of Water Heater
Air Pollution


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